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Welcome to Purely Speculation, our live, bi-monthly podcast that’s bringing the injustices of our criminal legal system, to light. We do this through our Featured Guest and Court Watcher episodes.

Special Guest episodes take place on the second Tuesday of each month and features advocates who will discuss legal issues, breakdown special cases, provide historical insight and much more. These episodes include sub-series such as Trauma to Triumph, Political Prisoners, and the Cannabis Chronicles.

On the fourth Tuesday, our Court Watcher volunteers hold candid conversations about the cases they sit in on, and report what they’ve experienced. These episodes call out bad actors; harsh judges who make bad rulings or prosecutors who degrade defendants and throw tantrums in the courtroom. We also give shout-outs to judges and defense attorneys who truly listen to the cases they are presented with and give appropriate rulings. Without our perspective and eyewitness accounts of court proceedings, that old saying, “If you do the crime, you do the time” would persist, and the system would continue to overcharge defendants, disregard correct protocol, prosecute without proof, and imprison innocent individuals.

Spread the word of what’s really going on while also sharing wisdom of how to stay safe and help our loved ones.


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