Eliminating Cash Bail. Reuniting Families.

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About Us

Based in Montgomery County, Reuniting Family Bail Fund is a grassroots organization committed to ending mass incarceration and reuniting families directly impacted by the criminal legal system.

What We Do

Our organization is actively involved in various areas of the criminal legal system, including bail posting, participatory defense, post-conviction support, juvenile justice, court support, court watching, and advocacy.


Discover informative articles, helpful websites, and insightful videos that shed light on case strategies, post-conviction options, juvenile justice matters, and connections to mutual aid organizations.


Our podcast “Purely Speculation” exposes the often-overlooked trauma experienced by individuals within the criminal legal system. Listen to our podcast today and help us amplify the voices of our most vulnerable populations.


We are excited to share our latest project, a webcast designed to expose the evil criminal legal system and bring awareness to the injustices happening in our communities.